The Christian bible is the most beloved text in the world; cherished by billions and central to religious and communal tradition. I, as a man, find my gender reflected through characters I can relate to. The Silent Voices Bible is a project that offers that same experience to a billion faithful Christian women. read on »

"If God is male
then male is God."
— Mary Daly

"God created woman in her own image. In God's image she created her; female and male she created them." -- Genesis 1:27

The Silent Voices Bible is the Holy Christian Bible with the gender of each character swapped — including God. Male roles are played by women, and female roles are played by men, even in gender-specific circumstances (like reproduction). There will be some dissonance as you read about men giving birth and women "spilling their seed". I have also left all the character names the same with a few exceptions: King David is Queen Davina, and the prophet Samuel is now Samantha.

Wait, even God is a woman?

God is already referred to with feminine qualities in the bible. This project just changes the default perception of God's gender.

This is an insult to God!

The Silent Voices Bible is not an insult to God, it's an experiential theology. As you read it you will have an opinion about how this bible differs from what you've read before. The challenge for readers is to pay attention to your own feelings of discomfort or anger (as well as joy or gratitude). If the stories and people in the bible seem less valuable when they are feminine, that is because we value masculine more than feminine. And the belief that a female is lesser is an insult to God.

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"The symbol of God functions."
— Elizabeth A. Johnson